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HAIR+ research shows that most of your clients are experiencing or concerned about thinning hair and they want to find a hair loss solution, are willing to pay for it, but haven’t yet tried a solution. They are interested in both functional and fashion options. They haven’t addressed it because they may not know enough to start the conversation about hair loss—yet alone to start exploring the options. That’s where you, the salon professional, come in.

Attendees can expect to learn about thinning hair and extensions from all sides—technical, business and medical, using hair extensions including extension types, application methods and techniques   Between presentations and during lunch breaks, attendees have the opportunity to connect personally with HAIR+ Summit sponsors.

Attendees include:
+ Commission Stylists
+ Rental Stylists
+ Salon Owners and Managers
+ Representatives from Salon Chains
+ Beauty School Owners and Educators
+ Trichologists
+ Dermatologists and surgical providers interested in working with salon professionals

Topics include:

+Trichology, the science of hair and its diseases, is an area that stylists report the greatest interest in learning more about and how to develop business relationships with a variety of practices to help clients navigate a hair loss treatment or hair enhancement program.

+Extensions provide a great range of opportunities for salons and stylists to expand business across client types and needs. Become more aware of the various types of extensions and the different application types.

+Thinning Hair studies show that consumers are concerned about thinning hair and eventual hair loss, but don’t know who to talk to. It should be YOU!—the stylist and salon. If you let clients know you have (or are gaining) expertise, they will talk to you about thinning hair questions and concerns.

+Scalp Care can be directly related to thinning hair, prioritizing conversation about scalp care is vastly important. The time is now to start the conversation with your clients about scalp diseases and scalp care - before they start losing hair. They want to know how you can help them keep what they have.

+Enhancements relates to replacing, mimicking or camouļ¬‚aging hair-loss; fashion is all about style options, experimenting, having fun—mixing up hair length, volume, texture and color with hair enhancements. It’s important to understand both the functional and the fashion opportunities and offer solutions in both areas. 

If helping clients look and feel better is a motivator for you and your team, then developing your HAIR+ expertise is a natural next step.




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